Our Quality

At Precept Pharma Limited, we are committed to delivering quality products and services that fulfill all the needs and expectations of our customers. We guarantee the quality of our Products and Services at all stages of development
Quality is no longer an oral guarantee given over a handshake, but a well-defined set of criteria applied to the entire development process. At Precept Pharma Ltd., we guarantee the utmost level of quality in our operations by rigorously applying the following methodologies:
> Holding Regular Quality Training programs to enhance the performance of all employees.
> Inspecting the quality of the applications at all levels of development.
> Implementing Extensive Testing methodologies by our in-house Testing team.
> Developing effective internal testing mechanisms.

Our experienced project managers utilize high-quality techniques and procedures to assure quality at all stages of projects such as:
> Planning.
> Tracking.
> Control.
> Transition Management.
> Issues Management.
> Implementation.
> Documentation.
> Communication.
> Review.
> Market leading prices.
> Stringent quality measures.
> Strong R&D department.
> Regular training sessions for the team.
> State-of-the-art facilities.
> Inspection of installed machinery and equipment.
> Timely delivery of consignments.

The stringent Q.C. is achieved with following equipments:

> High Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC).
> Ultra Violet Visible Spectrophotometer (UV).
> Glass Impinge Apparatus - BP 2007.
> Dose collection apparatus - BP 2007.
> Thin Layer Chromatography.