Precept Pharma Limited

A fast growing Pharmaceutical company, based at Chandigarh, India, we specialize in formulation of Metered Dose Inhalers, Dry Powder Inhalers (AlveoCaps) and Metered Nasal Sprays.

Our company is promoted by a team of dedicated Professionals and Technocrats, who come from diversified fields.

Precept Pharma Limited is a multi-faceted company having varied interests in :
> Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturing
> Pharmaceutical R & D
> Pharmaceutical Technical Consultancy
> Pharmaceutical Marketing
> Herbal Formulations
> Medicinal Plants Cultivation and R & D

The Unit is located at village Doduwal, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, in lush green surroundings at the foot of Himalayan ranges. The factory is surrounded by trees with no buildings around. No Industries manufacturing any chemicals / producing obnoxious smoke surround the plant.
The total area of the site is 45000 sq feet. Plant is built in one floor. It facilitates the storage of raw material, dispensing and sampling of raw material, finished goods and quality control. The Unit consists of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production Block, Reception, Warehouse, Engineering & Utility, Personnel & Administration.


> Layout Design : The production area, where product is exposed to environment, is designed as 10,000 class and 1,00,000 class area. There are six AHUs dedicated for production areas. Terminal HEPA filters are available for all areas where the product is exposed. Also appropriate air changes and pressure differential are designed for all the areas.
> Room Finish : The floor is finished with epoxy. The walls are finished with non shedding luster paint. There is no drainage point in the area other than equipment wash room (ancillary area). The entire production area has walls and false ceiling of panels which is impervious and non fiber shedding. The joints between the walls and false ceiling are sealed with silicon sealant.

You can see the Production Area photographs here :


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